Bregenz Festival

Once an emergency solution, it has become a resounding success. The first Bregenz festival week, one year after the end of World War II, was held on two gravel barges. One carried the stage setting of Mozart's early work Bastien et Bastienne, the other held the orchestra. Today, the Bregenz Festival is internationally renowned for having the world’s largest stage on a lake. A unique experience in a fantastic setting is guaranteed.

Our ships will take you to the lake stage of the Bregenz Festival and back home after the performance without any stress. We provide the framework you desire. Travel fast and easily with a festival shuttle; or in style and at your leisure, including our 3-course festival menu. Enjoy your experience without dealing with traffic jams or wasting time looking for a parking space.

Let this epical festival cast its spell on you: The opera "Rigoletto" by Giuseppe Verdi is presented this year.

Rigoletto enjoys life as the lecherous duke’s court jester. He locks up his daughter Gilda at home to protect her from other men. Monterone, whose daughter the duke defiled, curses Rigoletto for his mocking words and becomes an unsuspecting helper in Gilda's kidnapping. The girl is brought before the duke as a prize. She sees the duke's attention as a way out of her father’s custody, who in turn has commissioned an assassin to put an end to the duke's love affairs. When Rigoletto is about to throw the corpse into the water, he once again hears his cynical credo "La donna è mobile" and fears for his daughter's life.

This is the first time Giuseppe Verdi's eerily beautiful masterpiece is brought to the Bregenz lake stage. Director and set designer Philipp Stölzl, whose films such as "The Physician" stand out for their breathtaking scenes, stages this play to focus on Verdi's contrasts between spectacle and intimate theatre. The circus-like bustle at the festival, the bold kidnapping and the nightly storm alternate with intimate scenes between father and daughter as well as between Gilda and the duke. 

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