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LAKExperience MS Schwaben

Welcome to the Wild Thirties!

Enjoy this classic ship in a new guise! Following a complete makeover in true Art Deco style for the beginning of the 2018 season,  The MS Schwaben – centrepiece of our White Fleet – now exudes the glamour of the 1930’s and invites you to revel in nostalgia & indulgence. Prepare to be enchanted by the modern charisma of our new classic. We’ll whisk you away on a journey through time to the bold and daring past and to exquisite delicacies.

Book your ticket for the LAKExperience MS Schwaben now! Available at the BSB ticket counters.

A journey through time

The year is 1937, and the Bodan wharf in Kressbonn has just received the commission to build the MS Schwaben. The highlight of the ship is its tried and trusted Voith Schneider propeller. The outlay for the construction of the MS Schwaben totalled 512,000 reichsmarks.

For many years, the MS Schwaben was regarded as one of the most beautiful motorised vessels of the 1930s. For the first time ever in the history of the shipping industry, this ship boasted a perfect balance between interior rooms and open deck areas – a feature which remains virtually unchanged to the present day. In 2014, the MS Schwaben was declared a cultural heritage.

The MS Schwaben was also the first ship in the White Fleet to be equipped with a Voith Schneider propeller, then the latest path-breaking technology in the shipping industry. In 1965, the original six-cylinder diesel engine dating from 1937 was replaced by two MWM RH 435 A eight-cylinder four-stroke engines with two times 400 horsepower. These engines still power the ship today.

See and enjoy the new design of the historic MS Schwaben for yourself!

You’d like to journey back through time to the Art Deco era?
Buy your ticket for the LAKExperience MS Schwaben now! Available at the BSB ticket counters.