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Timetable & prices
Lake Constance ferry

Lake Constance ferry

Your connection between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn.

The Lake Constance ferry which can also be used by pedestrians and cyclists operates between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn all year long every hour. The ferry service is jointly operated by Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe GmbH and SBS Schifffahrt AG.

Incidentally, did you know that with the ferry between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn you cross nearly the deepest point of lake Constance (approx. 254 metre below the lake level) and also save yourself approximately 70 road kilometres? - This just means that you can combine work with pleasure (no traffic, a hot cup of coffee, a light breeze around the gills...).

Please remember that Switzerland is not a member of EU and therefore, valid identity documents must be carried with you.

Ferry timetable for 2017

Persons, Individual travellers CHF  
Adults 9.40 10.40 W
Holders of 1/2 Fare Card SBB 4.70 5.20  
Children (6 to 15 years) 4.70 5.20  
Weekly pass 47.00 51.90  
Multi-trip ticket for 10 one way trips 84.40 93.20  
Personal monthly pass 187.50 207.00  
Personal yearly pass 1500.00 1619.20  


Group trips of at least 10 persons CHF  
Companies 7.90 8.70  
School children, youth of 6 to 15 years 4.00 4.40  
School children, youth of 16 to 24 years 5.60 6.20  


Two-wheelers CHF  
Bicycle, trailer, motorbike 6.20 7.50  
Bicycle day ticket 9.40 11.20  
Children’s cycle 3.10 3.70  
Children’s cycle day ticket 4.70 5.60  
Multi-trip ticket for cycles including persons for 4 trips 49.90 55.10  
Multi-trip ticket for cycles for 10 one way trips 49.70 54.90  
Motorbike and scooter incl. driver 17.80 19.70 W


Automobile incl. driver and/or Trailer up to 2 m breadth and length CHF  
Cabin scooter, motorbike with side car 12.00 22.10 W
Passenger car day ticket 32.00 35.30  
Monthly pass 256.00 282.70  
up to 4.00 m 22.30 24.60 W
Passenger car day ticket 35.70 39.40  
Monthly pass 285.30 315.00  
up to 5.00 m 25.90 28.60 W
Passenger car day ticket 41.40 45.70  
Monthly pass 331.00 365.50  
up to 6.00 m 28.20 31.10 W
Passenger car day ticket 45.10 49.80  
Monthly pass 361.10 398.70  


Automobile incl. driver and/or Trailer/semi-trailer over 2 m up to 2.55 m breadth CHF  
per vehicle up to 6m in length 32.30 40.40 W
over 6 m length additionally per meter commenced including loading 5.60 6.20 W


Prepaid card CHF  
20% discount 100.00 110.00  
25% discount 200.00 220.00  
30% discount 300.00 330.00  
Special offer for buses CHF  
Bus incl. passengers flat 151.80 167.60  

You can make cashless payments on the ferry with the prepaid card. The discount levels are applicable only for non-concessional single tariffs. You can identify the discountable tariffs by the capital W in the last column.

Passenger car day tickets are valid on the day of punching for a round trip. Motor vehicles except licence free motorbikes, incl. driver. Commercial vehicles over 6 m length including 2 persons. A special tariff will be applied for vehicles with excess width. Subject to alterations in timetable and tariff.